May 17th Meeting 1:30 PM

The Venue will be: Fairfield Scout Hall, 11 Flower Street, Fairfield, which is North off Main Road, Fairfield, just over 1 Km before Coach Road.

Thumbnail: Frans Laas

Breeding Programme Manager
Betta Bees Research Ltd
Masters Degree in Wildlife Management

He is involved with scientific breeding of Italian type bees for a significant sector of the commercial bee industry in New Zealand. Besides the basic breeding work he is also involved with a number of avenues of applied work in relation to pollination efficiency.

Also a past NBA President and current Chairman of the Amercian Foul Brood Pest Management Plan Management Board

Will be talking about bee breeding in general and the problems associated with selection for Varroa resistance.
Then a question and answer session.

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Bee keeping for over 5 years, getting to understand a bit and have developed an "Easy Bee Keeping" style.
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