Next Club Meeting Saturday 14 February 2015 1:30 PM

Meeting at my place, 779 Portobello Road, Broad Bay, 9014  1:30 for 2 hours.

Extraction of honey from the Club hives at Jubilee Park and potting it up at 779 Portobello Road, we will bring some boxes along before hand.
Preparing for winter already
Varroa management
Please let me know any other topics you want addressed.

Turn into Maramoana Reserve at the foot of Harbour Cone, and take the right hand drive going up the hill back to Town – yellow and black balloons will help you.
Bring your bee suit or veil as we may open a few hives.



About tudor

Bee keeping for over 5 years, getting to understand a bit and have developed an "Easy Bee Keeping" style.
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