August Club Meeting

The first meeting of the season will be held:

On Saturday 1 August at 12 noon at Malcam Rooms, 45 Maori Road, Belleknowes, Dunedin, next to Jubilee Park.

Start with AGM:  the agenda is:

Minutes of previous AGM (attached, rules attached)
Reports from President,  Treasurer and Secretary
Election of office bearers
Set subscription
Any other business.

Then on with bee keeping.


Bee keepers of the Club hives at Jubilee

Opening hives in spring and inspection.  Probably a talk session, not hands on, as it may be a bit early to open hives safely.  Please bring your veil or bee suit.

An intro course for hobby beekeepers, and mentors/buddies.

Then the usual topics:

varroa management
thinking about preventing swarms

A short talk from a visiting Sawyer from Vermont, who is President of the Harvard beekeeping Club

And lunch (bring your own) and a cuppa tea somewhere in this busy meeting.

Please contact me directly for info, comments, or to point out my usual error(s).



Tudor Caradoc-Davies
Brightwaterbees, Dunedin, New Zealand

Bee-keeper:  website
Secretary, Otago Branch, NBA
Secretary, Dunedin Beekeepers Club
027 2085133

About tudor

Bee keeping for over 5 years, getting to understand a bit and have developed an "Easy Bee Keeping" style.
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