September Beekeepers Meeting Saturday 12th 12 noon

We will hold this meeting on Saturday 12th September at 12:00 noon,
 with an early start at 11:30 for those thinking about taking up bee keeping.

The venue is as usual 45 Maori Road, Belleknowes, off Serpentine Road, 
Malcam Trust rooms, close to Jubilee Park.

For the first hour we plan to talk about:

Varroa management, including assessment of the load

Why and how to make a nuc
Why and how to make a split

How to reduce risks around our hives

AFB inspections needed and how to get them done

Then bite of lunch (bring your own), tea, coffee and chat 

Practical at about 1:30:

Update in how to light a smoker – bring yours along with some fuel.

Opening up the two club hives for inspection

Opening up other beekeepers' hives for inspection - we will ask around.

Any other topics you would like covered ?

Please contact me if you need any further information.

About tudor

Bee keeping for over 5 years, getting to understand a bit and have developed an "Easy Bee Keeping" style.
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