August Club meeting Saturday 13th 12 noon

We will hold this meeting on Saturday 13th August 2016 at 12:00 noon.
The venue as usual is 45 Maori Road, Belleknowes, off Serpentine Road, Malcam Trust rooms, close to Jubilee Park.
To inform you that the AGM will be postponed until September as we are revising the Club Rules.
For the first hour we plan to talk about practical bee keeping about Spring and what we do next, and then open the Club hives for a quick inspection if the weather allows.  Please bring along your bee suit and gloves, or veil.  Remember that we don’t use members’  equipment such as hive tools unless they have been flamed or are those provided by the Club, to reduce the chance of infection with  AFB.  We will be providing disposable nitrile gloves for those who want to lend a hand.
Practical varroa management: we will also have a practical demonstration of a sugar shake to assess varroa load, and how to make your own sugar shake kit.
I would suggest using this treatment for varroa in Spring, and it may be needed very soon.  The strips come in packs of 10, and the recommended dose is “2 strips per brood box”.  This suggests that many hobby bee keepers will waste strips – please let me know how many you want, and I can order lots and give you what you need.  And we will demonstrate how to insert the strips.

go over practical general bee keeping topics if needed.
Then bite of lunch (bring your own), tea, coffee and chat
Then a Club house keeping session talking about issues such as:
  Spring management of hives
  Varroa treatments and management
  Consultation regarding the club programme
  Revising the club rules.
And Doug Scott will present his ideas about varroa management.
Please contact me if you need any further information.
or  027 2085133.

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Bee keeping for over 5 years, getting to understand a bit and have developed an "Easy Bee Keeping" style.
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