Assistance required with a project studying the impact of Varroa mite on our Bees

Our club has received the following request, and we wish to forward it to all readers who may be able to assist,…




Please distribute widely.


We are running a project to determine the genetic impact of Varroa mite on
our bees. Varroa mite kills unmanaged bee hives and we want to know the
impact of this on genetic diversity in bees.

Coastal Otago and Southland are the only Varroa-free places in the country
and we would like to sample diversity in feral (wild) bees.

If you see a feral bee hive, one not in the usual boxes, or one in a
tree/cliff etc, please let me know by email ( and we will
come round and sample the bees.

The results of this project will help us understand what we need to have a
sustainable bee population in New Zealand.


David McMillan

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