March 2013 meeting approaching

Hi everybody,

Our March meeting is quickly approaching. The meeting will be held at Tudor’s house at 1.30pm, Saturday March 2nd (2013).

Ideas Tudor has put forward for the agenda are…

*  Have a look at his home apiary

*  Talk about how to structure a hive (using 3/4 boxes) to provide 
security for the bees and honey which they cap

*  His plan to manage varroa

*  He re-queened all hives last week, why

*  Taste a few of his honeys blind and describe using words such as 
smooth, sweet, aroma, kanuka, cooked, commercial, mouth feel, etc.

Since he re-queened his hives last week, we won’t be opening his hives, so bee suits won’t be required this meeting.

These all sound like great topics, so I hope to see lots of you there.

For many of you, myself included, who have never been to Tudor’s place, he has provided us with the following directions;


My address is 779 Portobello Road, Edwards Bay.  Just go down Portobello 
Road, round Grassy Point and through Broad Bay, pass Pineapple Rock 
(macrocarpa on rock cut off by road) and there is a small reserve on the 
right at the foot of Harbour Cone.  Take the second entrance to 
Maramoana Reserve and on the other side are 4 drives.  Take the right 
hand one heading up the hill back towards town, tar sealed,  If you 
reach Portobello you have gone too far. Ring 027 2085133 for help.

Max Harvey


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