Dunedin Beekeepers Club

Club Meetings

We meet on the second Saturday of each month at 1.30pm, at Southern Youth Development, 45 Maori Road, Belleknowes, Dunedin. May and June meetings are held in the evening, and there is no July meeting.

2022/23 Programme

8 October

This will be a packed practical session giving participants the opportunity to practice marking a queen, splitting a hive, carrying out a sugar shake test – using the new method discussed at the last meeting.

12 November

Two commercial beekeepers will be joining us to describe their beekeeping practices. This will provide a useful perspective for newer small-scale beekeepers.

10 December

This is usually a social event with catering, more details to come.

11 February

Bee products. Please bring along your produce to share and show off be it honey, candles, mead or balms we’d love to see them. Also any items of beekeeping equipment that are a little unusual.