Queen problems and re-queening

It is important to classify queen problems to assist with the appropriate action.

Low threat
Can kill bees or colonies but usually do not

Moderate threat
Common so affect a high percentage of colonies and can cause significant damage if not addressed appropriately

Significant Threat
Widespread and kill colonies if not managed actively.


Recognising & classifying Queen Problems 

  • Limited access to queens e.g. autumn/winter (Moderate)
  • Dead queen (Significant)
  • Queen fails/poor quality (Significant)
  • Laying workers (Significant)
  • Supercedure (Moderate)
  • Multiple queens (Low)
  • Swarming (Moderate)

Queen replacement options

  • Allow the colony to re-queen itself
  • Add a queen cell
  • Purchase mated queen
  • Use a nucleus colony¬†

Using a nucleus colony is the safest and most reliable option.

Requeening Using a Nuc