Welcome to the Dunedin Beekeepers’ website

The Dunedin Beekeeper’s Club is a group of friendly beekeepers’ from the Otago region of New Zealand. We have both amateur and commercial members.

During the season we have a meeting once a month. Our normal meeting time and location is the Second Saturday of the month, 1.30pm Malcam Trust rooms, 45 Maori Road, Bellknowes

If you are interested in beekeeping, and are in the region, it would be great to meet you. Contact details for our committee are available in the contact section.

We hope to hear from you.

Max Harvey


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AGM over

There has been a change in some members of the club committee after the AGM.


These changes have been made to the contacts page of our site now.

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Club AGM Saturday 10th September 2016

Please note that the AGM will now start at 12:30



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Club meeting Saturday 10 September

To let you know that the next meeting will take place on Saturday 10 September at 12 noon at the Malcam Rooms, 45 Maori Road, Belleknowes

More information will be circulated, and the AGM is taking place at the beginning of the meeting. The draft of the new rules has been circulated at the last meeting can be downloaded below – please contact me directly if you would like any alterations, and I can co-ordinate them with Brian Ellis, Treasurer. Thanks.

Then a practical bee keeping meeting, including opening the club hives, inserting strips, and lots of subjects to discuss and demonstrate. More details will be circulated in the week before.

Please check on line at:  http://www.nzbees.net/threads/sep-10-2016-dunedin-bee-keepers-september-meeting-12-noon-dunedin-otago.9347/


Tudor,  Secretary.


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August Club meeting Saturday 13th 12 noon

We will hold this meeting on Saturday 13th August 2016 at 12:00 noon.
The venue as usual is 45 Maori Road, Belleknowes, off Serpentine Road, Malcam Trust rooms, close to Jubilee Park.
To inform you that the AGM will be postponed until September as we are revising the Club Rules.
For the first hour we plan to talk about practical bee keeping about Spring and what we do next, and then open the Club hives for a quick inspection if the weather allows.  Please bring along your bee suit and gloves, or veil.  Remember that we don’t use members’  equipment such as hive tools unless they have been flamed or are those provided by the Club, to reduce the chance of infection with  AFB.  We will be providing disposable nitrile gloves for those who want to lend a hand.
Practical varroa management: we will also have a practical demonstration of a sugar shake to assess varroa load, and how to make your own sugar shake kit.
I would suggest using this treatment for varroa in Spring, and it may be needed very soon.  The strips come in packs of 10, and the recommended dose is “2 strips per brood box”.  This suggests that many hobby bee keepers will waste strips – please let me know how many you want, and I can order lots and give you what you need.  And we will demonstrate how to insert the strips.

go over practical general bee keeping topics if needed.
Then bite of lunch (bring your own), tea, coffee and chat
Then a Club house keeping session talking about issues such as:
  Spring management of hives
  Varroa treatments and management
  Consultation regarding the club programme
  Revising the club rules.
And Doug Scott will present his ideas about varroa management.
Please contact me if you need any further information.
or  027 2085133.
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Club Meeting July 9 2016, 12 noon at Malcam Rooms, 45 Maori Road, Belleknowes

We will be assembling boxes and frames.  Members are encouraged to bring along some of their new boxes and frames for them to learn to assemble.  Please bring along eye and ear protection as we will be using a stapler powered by  compressed air for the frames, and an electric screw driver for the boxes.  If you don’t have them you will have to stay well back from the action.
Break for lunch.  Please bring your own.
Then we will be working either with new frames, or cleaning up frames which have been steamed to melt out the wax.  We will wire them up, and then insert foundation and melt the wires in.
And lots of talk and questions – it may be a quiet time, but the bees are probably thinking about spring already.
Any questions, please email Tudor at brightwaterbees@gmail.com
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June meeting Saturday 11th June 2016 at 12:00 noon.

We will hold this meeting on Saturday 11th June 2016 at 12:00 noon.

The venue is as usual Malcam Trust rooms, 45 Maori Road, Belleknowes, off Serpentine Road, close to Jubilee Park.

Its bee keeping housework.
For the first hour we plan to examine the hive boxes which are in the lock up shed. They have been used for honey and brood, and the goal will be to keep the frames and boxes in good condition, and select those with problems.

They include damage to the woodwork (ears broken, frame cracked or broken, just too old), and the body of the frame. Problems include: excessive amounts of drone brood, holes (made by robbers and mice), poorly drawn (the bees don’t fill it properly with honey), very old black comb, and other strange things.

Then a bite of lunch (bring your own), tea, coffee and chat

Meantime we will have started heating the steamer, and we will process about 18 frames at a time and end up with wax in a bucket, frass in the bottom of the steamer (will be removed into a wheelbarrow and added to compost), and frames which need to be cleaned up a bit and wire removed, and then put aside for the next meeting practical session in July.

The wax will be sent away and swapped for new foundation at a good price.

So, the July session will start at a commercial venue to cover woodwork assembly, and wiring. Then we will return to the Malcam centre to have lunch, re-wire our frames, and insert new foundation and embed it.

Any other topics you would like covered ?

Please contact me if you need any further information.



brightwaterbees@gmail.com or 027 2085133.

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May meeting 12 noon Saturday 14th May 2016


Please go to:


Please contact me for any further info.



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April 16 meeting 12 noon


Please go to this URL for info:



Tudor (Secretary)

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Additional topics for Saturday 12 March 2016

Additional topics:

Managing wasps with Vespex
How to increase the chance of queen acceptance into a hive.

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CHANGE OF DATE: next meeting Saturday 12 March 2016 at 12 noon


Please follow this link.


Please send me any topics you want us to cover.

Tudor, Secretary.

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